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Meeting Challenges. Delivering Quality Outcomes.

Correctional Health Partners (CHP) offers solutions for effectively managing all of your offender healthcare needs both inside and outside the correctional facility. We apply a strategic, collaborative, and evidence-based approach to our care delivery model for this high-risk population, working closely with facility administration and community care providers to develop an efficient, integrated system.

Through this approach we utilize our extensive healthcare management expertise to employ solutions that:

  • Enhance the health, safety and well-being of the inmates, as well as the staff of the correctional facilities we serve and the broader community
  • Help relieve our correctional system clients of potential financial and legal risks related to inmate healthcare
  • Support the goal of correctional system leadership to be a good steward of public funds, health, safety, and trust
  • Maintain positive relationships with and between our clients, facility staff, community providers, taxpayers, and other stakeholders


Correctional Health Partners brings expertise in optimizing the overall healthcare delivery system. Our goal is to apply best practices and provide continuity across the full spectrum of care through three program components:

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