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Our Inmate Health Care Clients

Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC)

Starting September 1, 2005, Physician Health Partners (PHP) was awarded a five-year contract to be the healthcare administrator for Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC). As a result of this contract, PHP formed Correctional Health Partners (CHP) as a business division to establish dedicated resources and leadership for corrections clients.

In 2010, CDOC awarded CHP with a ten-year contract to continue as their healthcare administrator. CDOC and CHP share the belief that delivering appropriate care in an effective manner can result in decreased cost while providing better healthcare services. This common goal is central to our partnership, and will influence our future direction together.

Colorado Division of Youth Corrections (DYC)

In July 2006, the State of Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Children, Youth, and Family Services, Division of Youth Corrections (DYC) awarded the five-year healthcare administrator contract for the youth offenders in Colorado to Physician Health Partners, the parent company of Correctional Health Partners. Since then, Correctional Health Partners has accepted assignment of the contract and has provided them with ongoing collaborative and coordinated care.

DYC youth access primary care services at each of the juvenile facilities which are overseen by CHP—contracted PCPs staffing the facilities. CHP coordinates with its PCPs to provide appropriate referrals for specialty care, pharmacy, and dental services.

CHP has created a statewide provider network for DYC. The providers in this network have expertise in delivering care to this unique population.

Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC)

The Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) awarded a six-year contract to Correctional Health Partners (CHP) starting July 1, 2009 to perform third party administrator (TPA) functions, including establishing the external healthcare delivery network for ODOC inmates, providing medical management, and claims payment services.

We also take pride in the clinical services we provide to Oregon inmates. Our contracted providers facilitate effective communication, more efficient care transitions between ODOC facilities and providers, and enhance the referral process. CHP nurses and staff coordinate care between network providers and the ODOC facility medical providers.